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Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

Amplify is the Middle & High School ministry here at Bethel Baptist Church.  We exist to help students connect to Christ (Deeper), connect to the Church (Stronger) and connect to the Community (Louder)!  Through that, we share with each student that they are uniquely created by God with talents, desires, and much more.  Those things are given to them by God to be used for a purpose and each of those purposes will look different.

While we spend time teaching our students each week, we also give them regular opportunities to live out their faith. From local missions such as working at the Community Christmas Store, taking food to Salem Fire Stations, and more....to traveling the country with organizations such as World Changers to paint homes, put on a new roof, or replace windows for someone in need.  We want every student to know there is more to following Jesus than just attending church or youth group; they need to be the church to those around them.

We meet three times each week.  Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights are for Bible Study.  Sunday nights are for service or mission projects and for events to help students develop relationships together.  For more specific information for when we meet, just scroll on down. 

Summer Camp & Mission Trips

Weeks that not only impact others, but that change us for ever!

Each summer, students have the chance to attend either a Youth Camp or Mission Trip. These weeks are designed to help grow their faith
while also giving them a chance to put it into action. For more info on any upcoming trips, contact Josh Jones.

When Do We Meet?

Sunday's @ 9:30am

Every Sunday morning, we meet for Bible Study prior to the 10:30 service. Middle & High School students split up with leaders so that they can have discussion based on their age group. 

Sunday's @ 6:00pm

Sunday nights are designed for students to be able to get to know one another &  develop relationships.  Each week is different and can include things such as games, local service/mission projects, movie nights, etc. 

Wednesday's @ 6:15pm

These are our more in-depth Bible Study nights. These evenings we will start out with games for all of the students, as well as a brief message for everyone. We then split into small groups based on middle & high school grades for further discussion with leaders for each group.

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